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Sheep Pelts
Beautiful, washable, professionally tanned Jacob, Navajo-Churro and Border Leicester-cross sheep pelts.
To see the pelts we currently have available click here.

Jacob Fleeces (Raw/Grease):
$16/lb to $20/lb (plus postage)
Our award winning fleeces are well skirted and ready to process. Our Jacobs are shorn annually and fleece weights range from 1 1/2 to 3 lbs.

Navajo-Churro Fleeces (Raw/Grease):
$16/lb to $20/lb (plus postage)
Our award winning fleeces are well skirted and available in a variety of colors. We shear our Churros twice a year so staple lengths range from 4" to 6" and fleece weights are 2 to 3 lbs.

Jacob Yarn:
$7/oz.- mill spun, 2 ply semi worsted weight yarn in cream and brown/black (1000 yds/lb) - SOLD OUT
Put up in approx. 4 oz./250 yard skeins (skeins avg. $28 to $30 each)

$7/oz.- mill spun, 2 ply bulky yarn in cream, brown/black (800 yds/lb)
Put up in approx. 4 oz./200 yard skeins (skeins avg. $28 to $30 each)

Navajo-Churro Yarn:
Single ply mill spun rug yarn (700 yds/lb) - SOLD OUT
Put up in approx. 4 oz. skeins and available in light brown/beige, grey and black

$3.75/oz (plus postage) - SOLD OUT
Jacob: gray
Navajo-Churro: black
Border Leicester Cross: white, beige & gray

Ram Horn Buttons:

Sold individually - prices range from $3 to $5 each.
One of a kind ram's horn buttons made from Jacob and Navajo-Churro horns
. Find them at our Farmers Market booth, also available at our booths at the Black Sheep Gathering and the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

Sheep/Lambing Panels

4' panels *
6' panels *
Hinged combo panel sets below include 3 heavy weight hinges:
4'x4' hinged combo panel set *
4'x6' hinged combo panel set *(
our favorite combo - see photo above)
6'x6' hinged combo panel set *
*Contact us for a quote based on current lumber prices. Panels are made to order. Prices are based on pick-up at bide a wee farm, Newberg, Oregon and do not include delivery.  Local area delivery only is available for quantity purchases - contact u
s for a delivery quote and/or for more information about the panels. 
Click here for more details, including plans to build your own panels.

For more information or questions about our products please contact:



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